Using Pivot Point technology hundreds of users process and clear billions of dollars annually in premium and claims involving hundreds of markets and brokers worldwide. The Pivot Point System is available 24/7 and is globally supported 24/7. Pivot Point is 100% web based and you may access the entire system anywhere in the world as easily as you can from your office desk.
CATEX designed the award winning web based Pivot Point Transaction System using exclusively Microsoft .Net technology.
The .Net design was accomplished with the assistance of hundreds of Pivot Point users. The input from the user base, when combined with the .Net Microsoft technology, permit the elimination of the walls between the so called front office and the back office. This transparency permits brokers and underwriters to instantly view the financial performance of a brokered or underwritten piece of business.
All of the data collected by Pivot Point is brought forward. Should a user possess authorization they can see in one glance the history of a placement, including the entire price negotiation; the record of payment; the claim experience; the specific balance sheet effect of the transaction and how the transaction sits within its line of business or book performance per broker, market or client. Pivot Point 2.0.Net displays all of this information in one view.
The Catex Bordereau / Binder Management System gives you transparency and control over your delegated book of business. Report at risk or aggregate level, enforce proper credit control, check claims validity and enable pro-active management of your binding authorities. The Catex Bordereau / Binder Management System will give you control and the advantage over your competitors. The Catex Bordereau / Binder Management System uses a simple import process allowing users to upload spreadsheets containing thousands of risks, in seconds. The system validates data on a multitude of levels; risk location address, trade type, coverholder, premium, dates, commission, etc. Corrupt data is identified, alerting the user and can be corrected prior to entry on the system. This verification of data ensures a full and complete picture.
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